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Blue Motor Finance Agreement

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If we make reduced payments or deferrals of payment for customers affected by COVID-19, the credit files will not be affected if the terms of the agreement or deferral are met. However, it is important for customers to understand that an agreement or deferral may affect their future ability to obtain loans, or the interest rates and conditions they may have access to future loans – think carefully before requesting a payment agreement or deferral. Connect to our customer portal to access your financial agreement at any time. From there, you can check your financial agreement, check your payments, change your personal data or request an early settlement number. Charlie`s great service! Start to finish, it was very helpful during the process to get a new car. I`m glad I was able to stay with the blue and I love their service. Our customer portal and App Store resellers offer our customers and distributors a safe place to sign up, manage their accounts 24 hours a day and find all their financial information in one place. Good experiences with Blue Motor Finance, asked for an early billing number on my current funding and was a very effective easy process from start to finish, good communication and no problem with them, account is now closed, but would not hesitate to use blue engine new top service!!!! I would like to thank the seller Steve, who was very patient and very helpful in helping me find the PERFECT car for myself, I was a very difficult customer at times that I can admit, with the kind of car I wanted and what it had to be, and it was never intrusive with everything he wanted to make sure the right car I wanted. Long story of incredible time with them got my second car with them without any honest and trustworthy problems, as a company should thank you for your blue help and I`m sure I`ll get you to innovation in the future while at Blue, focus on the latest technological advances and automation and using real-time data to drive decisions and business , creating unique solutions for automotive finance problems. Blue has disrupted a well-established sector — auto finance — and has supplanted banks that tend to dominate the market.

Blue is able to offer distributors and customers a compelling service offering, powered by the most modern proprietary technology, that uses them to minimize friction. Horrible company, all happy and kind when they sign you up, then during this current crisis show their true colors, don`t take a payday from these cowboys as that will screw you over time… They don`t explain the policy when they offer you holidays or reduced payments… So you expect everything on your monthly payment to pay back…