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A Beginner’s Guide To I-Tip Hair Extensions

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Installing, styling, and maintaining hair extensions can be a difficult task, particularly when you are a beginner. This article will guide you about I-tip hair extensions, in particular, along with installation, styling, washing, and maintenance as well as tips for buying these extensions.

What Are I-Tip Hair Extensions?

I-tip hair extensions are characterized by small pieces of hair strands that are attached to natural hair via small metal cylinders or flattened microbeads. I-tip hair extensions, also known as stick tip extensions or cold fusion extensions, are applied using the cold fusion method that does not involve heat and glue. Only a small percentage of your natural hair is latched with the extensions while the remaining hair is set free.


Difference Between I-Tip and U-Tip Hair Extensions


How Are I-Tip Hair Extensions Installed and Removed?

Since I-tip hair extensions do not involve the use of heat and glue, these extensions can be installed at home. However, most people still prefer to have them installed by a professional. All you need is a pulling needle, release tool, and micro-rings. Section and comb your hair before starting the process. Then, attach the microtubes with the pulling needle. Use one hand to hold the microring and another to pull a small section of hair through the microring. After you have placed the micro-rings, attach the I-tip hair extension between your natural hair and micro-ring. Displace the micro-rings slightly away from the scalp and tighten them around the hair. Repeat the same instructions until you achieve the desired look. The removal of I-tip hair extensions is not complex either. Just use a release tool and gently press on the micro-ring until it breaks. Then, carefully slide down the micro-ring to remove the hair extensions.


How To Style and Maintain I-Tip Hair Extensions

I-tip hair extensions are convenient for many reasons and one of them is that styling and maintaining them is pretty simple. Since most of your hair is left out and not attached to extensions, you can easily wash and condition the hair. Moreover, the hair extensions are also resistant to heat and chemical damage, especially if they are human hair extensions. Therefore, you can color your hair extensions as well as blow dry, curl, and straighten the hair. The hair extensions may also last you from six months to one year with the right care. Just make sure to wash your hair extensions at an interval of two to three weeks and wrap them to prevent breakage. You can also visit a hairstylist who can remove the extensions, clear out debris and then re-attach the hair extensions.


How Much Do I-Tip Hair Extensions Cost?

The cost of hair extensions is determined by the length, quality, and texture of the extensions. The price may increase if you opt for longer extensions, a hairstylist for installation, or dye the extensions.
After reading this article, we hope you are well-familiarized with I-tip hair extensions and will be able to make your decision confidently.


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