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Top Men’s Perfume that Attracts Women

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Choosing the best men’s perfume can be a daunting task. You want to make a good impression, but not overdo it – you also want it to be right for your personality. Women usually attracted to clean looking and smell good men. A good men’s fragrance will enchant and attract others. It’s also essential to choose a scent that matches your body type and mood.

Some men prefer to wear a strong scent throughout the day. However, they should buy one that lasts for a long period of time. The best men’s perfumes will linger on your skin for hours at a time.

According to this survey ( these are the top 5 men’s perfume that smells so good to women.

5. One Million Lucky by Paco

One Million Lucky is a modern and elegant fragrance designed by Thierry Mugler in 1969. It has a classic, masculine scent with an unusual twist. The scent has a spicy, musky, and woody aroma and will last a long time on your skin. The scent has been described as a “deep, rich fragrance” with notes of green plum, hazelnut, and cedar. This is a great perfume for everyday wear because of the pleasant and long-lasting aroma, but it does contain alcohol.

It is quite expensive, but you can usually find it for a lower price at other retailers. Despite the high price, this is a great option for men and women who want a unique scent. If you’re interested in purchasing a bottle of the perfume, you may consider website.


4. The Sauvage by Dior

The fragrance from Dior, the Sauvage, was released in 2015. The name was inspired by the mystical desert and the variety of scents of the evening air. The fragrance quickly became a staple for the luxury house, and the sexy formula features notes such as patchouli, vanilla, spicy Calabrian bergamot, lavender, star anise, and amber. The perfume has also been made into a range of other products.

A few words about the fragrance’s composition. The Dior Sauvage EDT is a very light scent, which means it is perfect for everyday use. The EDT is more subtle than the EDP, which is a bonus for those who do not like to wear a heavy fragrance. This is a great choice for women who want an elegant, feminine scent. While the EDP is an understated scent, it will still exude a sense of warmth.


3. Versace Man Eau Fraiche

If you are looking for a clean and zesty scent, Versace Man Eau Fraiche is a good choice. This fragrance is fresh and clean, reminiscent of summer, with subtle woody notes that keep it from being overpowering. As you wear it, the allure will grow and you’ll want to spritz it on yourself all the time. This fragrance is perfect for the man who loves summer scents.

The composition of Versace Man Eau Fraiche is citrus-based with a warm amber base. The citrus and woody top notes are fresh and invigorating, with the base notes resembling wood. A little goes a long way with Versace’s new fragrance, but its longevity is questionable. You will need to reapply the fragrance frequently. This fragrance is not cologne, so you don’t want to spray it too often.


2. Versace Eros

For a man, Versace Eros perfume is a decadent choice. The woody scent has a fresh oriental feel and leaves the wearer feeling sensual. In addition to being a masculine fragrance, Versace Eros also smells fantastic on women. I love its woody fresh scent and the unique Oriental vibe.

The base of Versace Eros is a combination of vetiver, cedar and oakmoss. These accords are present in a very subtle amount, preventing this fragrance from being overpowering. Instead, the fragrance finishes on a sweet leather note that lingers for several days. The sweet vanilla is a great addition to this perfume and works beautifully with the other components. While there are some negatives, I am glad that I bought it at profumeriadandrea.


1. Yves Saint Laurent La Nuit De L’homme

Launched in 2009, the perfume was developed by International Flavors and Fragrances. It features a cardamom-laced top note and a blend of lavender, bergamot, karmawood, and Virginia cedar in the middle. The scent was named after Yves Saint-Laurent, the founder of the house of Dior, and he was hospitalized after being harassed by fellow soldiers.

The scent is a woody spice fragrance for men. The Yves Saint-Laurent team created this new masculine fragrance with the help of French perfumers Anne Flipo, Pierre Wargnye, and Dominique Ropion. The fragrance is advertised as a composition of contrasting forces. In a nutshell, it’s a masculine scent with notes of Cardamom and Ginger.

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