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Word Signifying Agreement

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I am a senior research editor at and have specialized in trend words, slang and other cuts of lexicography and news and pop culture. Learn more @mashedradish. See all of John Kelly`s articles, how do I write a deal for this page: divorce… the former woman ratified the agreement on her behalf by accepting the benefits of the agreement. Unfortunately, I no longer have my full version of Dead Trees from the OED. Merriam-Webster doesn`t support me. The Ratifier formalized a signed agreement. Logically, he should rejoice in a third party. There is now one word that`s happy these days: agreement. It is even more gratifying to see his etymology, and we should be very grateful. I assume that the historic climate agreement was negotiated in Paris: the agreement is borrowed by the French agreement. The Agreement of the English was manifested in the early 1400s.

She mentioned – perhaps not exactly the pact that motivated this post – a binding legal agreement between two or more parties. Now the French verb agree reaching its own kind of consensus. The word brings together two parts: “will,” a phrase that means “favourable” or “after pleasure,” as Walter Skeat embellishes them. Here, it means “too much,” whereas gré means “pleasure,” “good will” or simply “will.” Unlike approval, sanction, approval, ratification, etc.c is to sign the agreement or treaty. According to the Archives of the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), we see that the modern meanings of “consent” and “common opinion” take place at the end of the 14th year. The pleasant adjective, however, this word retains the original concept of “pleasant.” And if the food, say, doesn`t agree with you, you`ll also have a taste – or a dislike – for the historical meaning of the word. Sign or give formal consent to (a contract, contract or agreement) to make it officially valid. New American Dictionary 2007 “Sally, please let me know if the labor agreement has been ratified or not.” In most states of communal property, even without divorce, spouses can at any time conclude an agreement that … only by the husband against his interest in co-ownership, since the wife had neither signed nor ratified the agreement.