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Undp Long Term Agreement

By  | LTAs are awarded to candidates whose offer has been assessed as a) reactive/compliant/acceptable; and b) obtained the highest score on the basis of weighted technical criteria (70%) financial criteria (30%). The financial assessment is calculated as a ratio between the proposal to be evaluated and the most favourable proposal adopted by UNDP for the award. Allowance/benefit period (if applicable): the original LTA to be signed is collected for a one-year period as a fixed day fee; However, UNDP does not guarantee that many services will be purchased over the life of the LTA, as this will depend on future needs. UNDP will not contract out consultants (LTA-INFF) to work full-time this year. It will only be done on the basis of custody results. All interested applicants are invited to apply for an all-inclusive daily fee. Payments are made only on the basis of the days actually provided. Candidates are screened on the basis of the required skills and experience mentioned above and on the basis of the technical evaluation criteria described below.

Candidates are assessed on the basis of cumulative evaluation. As part of the application of this weighted evaluation method, contracting is entrusted to each consultant, whose offer has been evaluated and evaluated as: UNDP plans to conclude the long-term contract (LTA) with top rated individual contractors to ensure the availability of resources at the desired time and/or to increased demand for services offered. The service used when needed and on the basis of fixed unit price, intermittent and repeated units of use. Other potential candidates who, at UNDP`s discretion, are not bound by a contract may be placed on the consultant list on the basis of a permanent basis for similar services. An LTA is a reciprocal agreement between UNDP and the individual to provide the required services at the required prices and conditions for 36 months. UNDP reserves the right to be absent from the contract during this period if the advisor`s benefit does not meet the requirements. Please note that at the time of signing the LTA contract, the LTA does not constitute a financial commitment or a UNDP commitment and that such an agreement is not exclusive. In case of specific need, successful individual contractors are contacted and equipped with a certain TOR and delivery elements (and schedule), but always within the limits of the responsibilities mentioned in the LTA.

Successful individual contractors are expected to provide confirmation of interest in the specific services required by the agreed LTA Daily Rate Consultancy Fee. Financial commitments are only set each time an order is placed for specific services/TOR for each contractor. Under an LTA, UNDP does not guarantee the acquisition of a large number of services for the duration of the agreement. When an application for services is made, UNDP mandates the consultant directly on the basis of its need to carry out these activities. Before the work begins, a specific working statement (SOW) is agreed to that defines the results for each specific task. Long-term agreements (LTAs) are framework agreements that are maintained with one or more suppliers for a good, service or group of them for a generally maximum period of 3 years. The objective of long-term agreements (LTA) is, among other things, that under an LTA, UNDP does not guarantee that a quantity of services must be purchased during the duration of the agreement.