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Top 5 NBA Players got the Most 50+ point game

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Statistics don’t lie. From the numbers a player displays during a game, a pattern is drawn.  The pattern is then able to inform the player’s profile in the game. Many basketball players have graced the NBA arenas across states. Not all of them have been able to amass such brilliance and result in their endeavors. Throwing a 50-point performance requires more than a technique. It requires ball-hogging, offensive supremacy, and precise quality in the markers. A player with these qualities will always come close or topple the 50-point average mark. Being able to score 50 points in the 48 minutes of play literally means you can score half or more than half of the team’s points.


5. Elgin Baylor (retired) – 17  50+ point games.

Across his career, Baylor scored in 17, 50-point games with an all-time high of 71 points that he scored against New York Knicks.


4. James Harden (active player as of 2020) –  23  50+ point games

The rocket player with a shooting accuracy of 44% and averaging 7.5 and 6.5 assists and boards per game. He, however, missed the MVP trophy but was a phenomenon for the franchise scoring 50 point regulars all season with the fastest being achieved before the 40-minute mark. He is one of the only four layers to rack up at least 7 games of 50 pointers in a single season. He is a great player with unparalleled accomplishments.


3. Kobe Bryant (retired)  –  25  50+ point games

A lot of playing history was amassed by this amazing player. With a career spanning 19 seasons, he was able to cement his legendary status as one of the elite players by scoring 50+ points in four consecutive games. This achievement made him just the second player to ever do so after chamberlain in the earlier days. His career-high was 81 points he scored against the Toronto Raptors in 2006.


2. Michael Jordan (retired)  –  31  50+ point games

Everyone knows the Jordan of the Chicago Bulls. What he did for the recent generation of young ballers is unparalleled. He has won almost everything in the game and is regarded as the best to ever grace the league. Since chamberlain hang boots, Jordan is regarded as the fiercest and most prolific point man in NBA. His highest overall score (64) in a single game came against the Orlando magic in 1993- the highest in the history of NBA playoffs.



1. Wilt Chamberlain (retired) –  118  50+ point games

Once a rookie of the year – 1960, the chamberlain established himself as one of the high scoring point man in the game. It is recorded that the player once scored 50 points on average in every game for the entire season.

He played for the LA Lakers, Philly 76ers, and the golden state warriors. Chamberlain is monumental to the game having successfully scored 50 points in a game for 118 times in career outmatches all other candidates in this list.


The bottom line

Over the years some NBA players have been putting in amazingly insane numbers. There are those with great defensive records as well as attack. The five highlighted above are not the only brilliant gamers who mastered the game. There are others with qualities to match; they include LeBron James, Kevin Durant and many more with respectable records over the span of their careers.

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