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Top 5 Highly Paid Korean Actresses of 2020

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Having heard of Kim Soo Hyun being the highest-paid Korean actor of 2020, we bet you are now curious about who is the highest-paid Korean actress this year.

It is not surprising that stars and celebrities in the entertainment industry are paid handsomely for their appearances on stage, television, movie roles, and an endorsement of their products. But before you receive a high talent fee, you must first prove your talent.

We list the Korean drama actresses who have proven their worth as they are the top 5 highest-paid actresses in 2020!


5. Song Hye Kyo

Her estimated salary is USD 42,000 per episode.

Song Hye Kyo had proven that she is one of the best Hallyu icons in South Korea, notably when she starred in the hit dramas “Full House,” “Autumin in My Heart,” “Descendants of the Sun ,” and many more. DOTS was so phenomenal that it even inspired international remakes.

Song Hye Kyo took home more than ten nominations for her role in DOTS. She was also listed as the 18th Most Beautiful Woman in the World (2011) by the American film website Independent Critics.

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