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Top 5 Highly Paid Korean Actors of 2020

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It has been quite a while since the K-word has penetrated deeply into the cultural realm of many Asian countries, including India. Whether it is K beauty, K pop, or K drama, the Korean influence in the dominant existence today cannot be overridden. In their wide variety of content, exotic charm, and a somewhat dreamy feel, Korean dramas are all the rage around the world. And some handsome actors look so impressive that it makes us swoon with their characters and people long after watching them. Not surprisingly, in their worldwide popularity, these Korean actors have become highly revered and highly paid celebrities. Here is the 2020 compilation of the top 5 highest-paid Korean actors who deserve all the dollars they make:


5. Lee Min Ho

The first Korean celebrity has a wax figure made in his image at Madame Tussauds. The Lee Min Ho fan encompasses not only his home country or regions of Asia but also makes him a star in a surprising number of Occidental countries. With titles like ‘global actor’ and ‘multi-billionth heartthrob,’ Lee is a phenomenon who has risen to the zenith of fame to now rest in coveted ‘superstar’ status!

A prominent presence in a wide range of genres, including romance, comedy, action, fantasy, and sci-fi dramas, took Lee half a decade after his 2003 debut to establish his acting prowess. Since then, there has been no retrospective for the 33-year-old actor, as he made several popular dramas, as well as movies and web series, as well as releasing a couple of music albums exclusively for his fans. Recipient of the Prime Minister’s Award for his contribution to Hallyu, Lee Min Ho is a name who has regularly claimed high paychecks for his name. As the lead in The King: Eternal Monarch, the handsome young gun receives $ 62,000 per episode, making him yet another highest-paid actor in Korean show business.

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