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“We live in a semi-rural/periurban area. Our networks are of different quality. It`s extremely frustrating and counterproductive when a student is just fighting to freeze or lose the link. Our students in classes 1 to 5 were able to access their Chromebooks for this distance class period. Our neighbourhood is at the forefront of providing distance education. But it`s a challenge for everyone. The challenges of bringing students together online while maintaining their privacy have not yet been solved. Teachers and counsellors have recently had the right to call. We also use our school resources manager to check on students we have not heard of. Students with working parents, several siblings, parents who are not technologically experienced, or in situations where it is neglect or abuse, run a significant risk of being relegated to the back of their peers. “There is a great disparity in connectivity in our rural areas. As a K-5 mint teacher and parent of two children in middle and high school, I see all aspects of the problem.

A local survey we conducted showed that 25% of our faculties did not have sufficient internet and could not participate in home video conferencing, while almost 50% of parents reported connectivity and/or data problems, making them difficult. It creates a huge gap, as students without the Internet fill out paper packages, while students can access instructional videos and interactive lessons through the Internet. As a teacher who includes technology in most of what I teach, it was frustrating to know that out of fairness and respect for students who cannot participate, I cannot give content and teach through this medium. I have to go to a family member to download files and videos for work and participate in Google Meets. My daughters` teachers post tasks in Google Classroom, but many don`t include the instructional videos they need, either because they don`t have the Internet or because they realize that so many students don`t have access to them. How can you learn a foreign language, a tape instrument, or mathematics, without a teacher showing them how? We cannot have daily conversations or participate. And that`s why many children register and don`t do their jobs. These children will be so far from where they should be.

This will affect students for years to come. “It is very unfortunate for the people that my charter school is being used. Of the 34 students I serve, only 18 have access to the Internet or technology. The other students are paper packages that their tutors cannot teach. They also do not have an adult home with them to help them in their work. – Very sad. “I created a charity to fill the void for children with NTI needs, families in need of connection, and our neighbours who need help seeking help at home.