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Supplier Data Processing Agreement Template

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10.3. The processing manager will immediately notify the data handler in writing after the processing manager has discovered that the law relating to the processing of personal data has been breached in accordance with this Privacy Statement. (ii) that, if the transfer is a category of sensitive data, see item 3.3, the person concerned has been informed, before or as soon as possible after the transfer, that his data could be transmitted to a third country that does not provide adequate protection within the meaning of data protection legislation. 1.1.4 “Data protection laws” are EU data protection laws and, where appropriate, data protection or data protection legislation from another country; Some of you already have individual data processing agreements with Templafy and for those who don`t, the data processing agreement that follows will govern this important part of our relationship. “customer data,” data transmitted, stored, sent or received by the customer, its associated companies or end-users through the services. Customer data may also contain personal data sent by the customer to suppliers and/or associated companies of the vendor or otherwise made available if the customer uses vendor affiliate solutions. “customer personal data,” the personal data contained in the customer`s data, as described in Schedule 1. 2.6 With the exception of the data described in Figure 1, data processed by the data processor will not be included in any way (the examples are not exhaustive): the tutorial “How to manage compliance by third parties) shows you how to insert your actual data into the document. The tutorial is included in the price of the model. 11.1. The data processor immediately and no later than 36 hours in writing the data processor has been found to be a proven or potential breach of personal data processed under the Data Protection Authority. 13.1.

At the expiry of the contract, the data manager (at the data manager`s choice) must destroy or return to the data manager all data in his possession or control. The processing manager reserves the right to delete personal data from all locations after 90 days if the processing manager has not chosen either option. This requirement does not apply to the extent that current legislation requires the processor to retain some or all of the data. Personalizing digital models and assets using data processor software as a service model management system. Sites where personal data are processed by “standard contractual clauses” or “MCCs” providers are standard data protection clauses for the transfer of personal data to subcontractors in third countries that do not guarantee an adequate level of data protection, replaced by the European Commission in the amended 2010/87/EU decision, or replaced by a number of clauses approved by the European Commission. The data processor takes appropriate steps to ensure that personal data is accessible and accessible only by authorized staff, that direct access to database data is limited, and that application access rights are established and enforced to ensure that those authorized to use a data processing system have access only to the personal data to which they have access; and that during processing, personal data cannot be read, copied, modified or deleted without permission. The data processor takes appropriate steps to implement an access policy that only allows authorized personnel access to their system environment, personal data and other data.