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Scotiabank New Digital Access Agreement

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Transaction fees at the rate set by us (from time to time) for each transaction for which your card number, card number or username was used to access digital services. Information on fees and fees, including monthly and annual fees, is available in the Day to Day to Day Banking Companion booklet( In the document “Your Guide to Fees and Interest Plans,” which is provided as part of the Business Banking Services Agreement (for business accounts); The Personal Credit Agreement Companion Booklet (for credit, credit and mortgage accounts); and the Investment Companion Booklet (for investment accounts). The question of safety and the answer. Each time you send money as a sender to an intentional recipient who has not activated the car depot, you must create a security question (the security question) and an answer to the security question used to authenticate the identity of the recipient as that of the intended recipient. To prevent unauthorized access to funds, the answer to the security question must be known only to you and the recipient. Neither the bank nor Acxsys are responsible for an unauthorized deposit if you create a security question and answer that someone else knows or is likely to know, guess or receive easily. The bank is not responsible for losses incurred by shippers or recipients as a result of abuse, improper disclosure or improper disclosure of the answer to the security question. You acknowledge that by clicking “I agree” on these access conditions, you acknowledge that you have read secure computing practices to protect access to your accounts and information on your computer, and agree that these procedures are economically appropriate. Inactive accounts. If you have deposit accounts that have not had transactions initiated by the customer for 24 consecutive months or more, you cannot make transactions on these accounts via digital services and you must visit a branch to reactivate access. However, you can continue to view electronic account statements for these accounts in the communication centre of the online bank or mobile bank if you have registered for this service. A notice in a location that is easily accessible in our stores harm any of the websites, servers, systems or devices used to provide digital services, including third-party websites, and you must not access user data or attempt to infiltrate any of the security measures related to digital services.

Any document that will be sent to you electronically as part of this consent will be considered received by you if it is published in the designated information system or made available to you through the designated information system, even if, for some reason, you do not have access to the designated information system. In some cases, the Digital Access Agreement may never have been submitted to a customer and/or we do not have a record that a customer has verified and accepted the digital access agreement. In other cases, customers may have accepted an older version of the Digital Access Agreement that no longer reflects our current digital service offerings.