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Agreement Between Publisher And Distributor

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However, many client-focused ipg clients have active programs and tools to sell their securities to organizations that do not primarily sell books. The IPG strongly encourages this activity and is ready, as far as its facilities are necessary, to manage compliance with these sales at a reduced price. one. Subject to the terms of this exclusive distribution agreement the supplier designates the distributor and the distributor accepts such a designation and undertakes to act as the exclusive distributor of supplier products (defined below) within the following geographical area (the “territory”): THIS “exclusive distribution agreement” (this “agreement” or exclusive distribution agreement) is adopted from [the date of entry into force] by and between the shipper. Company] (supplier and customer). This agreement and the attached statement (which is expressly included in this reference) contain the full and comprehensive agreement between the parties regarding the purpose of this agreement. It replaces all previous negotiations, submissions and proposals, in writing or any other means, relating to its purpose. Changes, amendments or amendments to this agreement must be established by a text signed by the authorized representatives of both parties. The distributor recognizes and accepts that any failure of the supplier to impose at any time or for a certain period of time is not considered or interpreted as a waiver of these provisions or as the supplier`s right to apply each of these provisions. This agreement can be concluded in several counter-pieces, each being considered original. The provisions of this contract, which are not fully met by the express terms of this agreement for the duration of the agreement, remain beyond the termination of that agreement, to the extent that this is applicable.

For the services it offers to its client publishers, IPG collects a fee based on the net tally generated by sending each publisher`s titles. The “net count” is the amount charged to customers (excluding transportation costs) net of the amounts credited for returned books.