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10 Signs You Are Suffering From Depression

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It’s mostly ignored and disregarded as something else, but Depression is real. It’s a confusing state of mind to be in and to see someone else suffer from it. Not many people realize it, but at every point of time in our life, someone is a victim of depression. Some choose to be silent about it, while others, with the support of their loved ones, are trying to drift out of it.

Depression is one of those conditions where no one thinks you’re seriously sick, but it’s no better than Cancer – for it too has taken many a lives. So don’t just sit around waiting for things to get better, because they won’t until and unless you make them. Various treatments and physiotherapy sessions are available to treat this disorder. But before you do that, let’s discuss the top 10 symptoms of depression. Not all patients suffer from all symptoms, the ratio depends on the severity of their case.

1. Crying All The Time  


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